While it is crucial to fulfill our generation’s energy needs, we also have a responsibility to the future generations of our planet. We partner with the world’s most innovative and pioneering companies, continually redefining what is possible.
AQ Degassing
At the heart of our dedication to environmental progress lies innovation.

We have partnered with AQ, a global leader renowned for their expertise in cryogenic degassing, capturing, and treating products. This collaboration is particularly meaningful because AQ specializes in treating substances that were formerly released into the atmosphere

Together, we are taking significant strides towards safeguarding our environment, united by a shared mission and cutting-edge technologies to make a positive impact.

Degassing is the process of emission control by cryogenic treatment of tanks used to store liquids and gases including shore tanks, vessels, railcars, trucks and gas spheres, using mobile degas units.

AQ is the owner of the largest fleet of mobile cryogenic degassing units and adjacent equipment worldwide, internationally active and specialised in degassing of cargo barges and shore tanks, railcars and containers. They provide ‘Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)’, during loading of vessels, barges or trucks. These units can also be used as a back-up system. As a full-service provider they also offer filtering, cooling, off-spec treatment services and rent out pipes, pumps, filters etc.

The mobile cryogenic units are developed and manufactured in-house. Founded in Antwerp, Belgium the company expanded via an adjacent acquisition into Rotterdam, Netherlands and Houston, TX USA.

Further information on degassing and AQ can be found: www.aqnv.com

MegaFlux Fleet Electrification Solutions
MegaFlux Fleet Electrification Solutions MegaFlux is the first company in Latin America to offer the electrification of commercial fleets.

A one stop solution for the electrification of vehicles focused on mass transport and last mile delivery using proprietary technology. Delivering vehicles (new or conversion), charging infrastructure, service and support, and financing.

Their proprietary drivetrain technology and experience in electrical infrastructure deployment supports their clients in their transition to electric. Clients are sophisticated fleet operators who benefit from the cost reductions electrification can bring, while meeting the emissions reduction targets and commitments they have made.

Tantalex Lithium Resources
ELEMENT Alpha has acquired a minority shareholding of Tantalex Lithium Resources.

This will support the development of Lithium, Tantalum and Tin projects in Africa. This investment is another commitment by ELEMENT Alpha to enhance its role in the energy transition.  

Green Lithium Refinery
ELEMENT Alpha proudly supports one of the first large scale lithium refinery projects in Europe.

ELEMENT Alpha accelerates its investments in the energy transition assets with an investment in Green Lithium. 

Prop AI Innovation
As part of our commitment to future technology engagement, we are collaborating with leading AI specialists

who are at the forefront of evolving AI through reverse engineering the brain’s functionality. This innovative approach merges machine learning with neuroscience, leading to a transformation in forecasting technology.

In the ever-evolving energy and power sectors, we craft adaptable models that respond swiftly to changing conditions and allow us to navigate volatile markets. Leveraging multiple input drivers, our advanced machine learning system combines over 50 model variants thus maintaining an optimal balance between long-term trends with recent events.

Utilising critical risk indicators and customised “what-if” scenarios, we explore the impact of various meteorological factors, power plants maintenance settings, and price variations. This empowers our traders to make informed and impartial decisions, leveraging human expertise while minimising bias.