Our deep understanding of the molecules we trade, an expertise in complex logistics (pipeline, vessel, railcar, truck) and a profound knowledge in risk management enables us to provide an exceptional service.

Profitable every year since inception, we benefit from the stability and security of long term partnerships with our clients across the globe, supported by major financial institutions.

Trading – Energy
Crude Oil

We trade a range of different Crude oil, sourced and aggregated to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise in trading, combined with efficient logistics solutions, ensures that we are well positioned to provide exceptional service and support to our clients.


We are strategically expanding our sourcing and blending activities for light-ends to cater to the demands of our customers across the ELEMENT Alpha customer base.

Middle Distillates

Middle distillates are a key business focus for us. We specialize in trading and storage of various grades of jet fuel, diesel, and gasoil, with an emphasis on the marine distribution markets.


We specialize in the trade and blending of refinery feedstocks, such as vacuum gasoil and straight-run fuel oil, as well as finished grades for the marine distribution and power generation markets, providing high-quality solutions for our clients.

Trading – Power & Renewables
Power, Gas & Emissions

With the objective of enhancing our trading activity in energy transition fuels and expressing our long-term focus on renewable energy, we are actively trading Power, Gas & Emissions.

We are participating in the European carbon emissions market and are currently establishing market access to the voluntary carbon credit space.


We are an ISCC certified company involved predominately in 2nd  generation renewable waste feedstock sourcing, collection, supply, and trading. We deliver reliable sustainable waste products including their biofuels components to the global biofuel and down-stream industry.

Our deep understanding of the technical waste products and their markets support biofuel manufacturers to transform waste into sustainable biofuels.

Trading – Metals & Minerals

We supply and trade various grades of anthracites, a clean burning, high carbon content product used for energy, ferro alloy and steel production. Steel and Ferro Alloy producers utilize Anthracite as a low cost reductant in furnaces.

Anthracite is mainly used in energy and steel production due to its high carbon content and low volatile content. As demand for Peru anthracite is steadily increasing, we are well-positioned to offer our customers a reliable diversification opportunity.

Metallurgical Coke and Petroleum Coke

We supply Met Coke from various countries.

Metallurgical Coke is a carbonaceous material produced through the heating of coking coal in coke ovens and consumed in the Steel and Chemical industry.

We supply petroleum coke, a refinery byproduct for consumption in the cement and aluminium industry globally.

Iron Ore

We trade various grades of Iron Ore, used in the production of Iron and Steel, on a global basis.

Coking & Thermal Coal

We supply coal from South America, Africa and the US for power generation, and steel plant supply in Asia and Europe.

Trading – Freight
Dry Freight

As a majority owned subsidiary of ELEMENT Alpha, ELEMENT Maritime is a fully integrated dry-bulk operator, managing the full scope of shipping related activities. With a focus on Capesize and Panamax vessels in the north Atlantic, specialising in providing third-party customers with innovative, cost effective shipping solutions.

Wet Freight

Shipping of liquid energy commodities on ocean going tankers or barges, in a safe and efficient manner, is a key component of ELEMENT Alpha’s trading activity and service. Starboard Ltd. is ELEMENT Alpha’s chartering arm, providing wet freight services to the group.